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Peripheral Neuropathy, neck, and back pain can be a agonizing, frustrating and debilitating. All too often standard treatment with medication is ineffective. Fortunately recent advances in conservative treatment procedures have helped our patients find long term relief. If you are suffering from any form of pain, schedule your free consultation!

Neck & Back Pain Relief


“Relief for disc herniation, scoliosis and degenerative arthritis”

I have suffered from degenerative arthritis in my lumbar spine for nearly twenty years, plus I have scoliosis and a herniated disc.  Four years ago I met with a neurosurgeon who advised that I have surgery. The surgery was scheduled, however after further investigation I decided against it and resigned myself to live with the pain. Then a year ago the clenching pain became so intense it radiated from my hip down my leg to my toes. I found it difficult to work, sit, sleep or drive. One of my friends recommended Dr. Shelley; she told me her husband had tremendous success at Sound Pain Solutions.

My progress was slow at first, but now I’m hugely improved! Now that I’m no longer focused on my pain my quality of life has improved greatly. I can do housework. Since I’m not tired out from pain I actually want to go out with friends.  I’m back to walking, I was even able to complete a five mile hike last summer! I can sit without squirming in my chair which allows me to focus more on my clients. I also learned how to work smarter using better body mechanics.

Jinny T. – Bothell

“Success after 3 surgeries & 30 years of narcotics”

In 1997 I had a back injury at work and for the next 10 years I was able to work as long as I didn’t do too much, took my medications and injections, and had three back surgeries. Because I had a lot of scar tissue from the surgeries, they said there wasn’t anything more they could do. I was living with constant pain and serious depression. I contemplated ending it all many times. I couldn’t even start a lawnmower. I wasn’t able to sit or walk even for short distances. I was surviving on heavy narcotics and muscle relaxers. My wife was very concerned. She said I would have mood swings; sometimes I would be nice other times I would be mean. I was willing to try anything to relieve the pain.

Dr. Shelley said he thought he could help me. I received many different therapies including spinal decompression, adjustments, laser, traction and physical rehabilitation. The treatments changed my life! I lived with pain for 30 years and now I’m off all pain medication and muscle relaxers. I still have occasional pain, but it’s nothing like the debilitating pain that I lived with for years. I’m able to walk my dog, play with my grandchildren, enjoy time with my wife and work on my 65 Corvette.

Thomas R. – Goldbar

Peripheral Neuropathy


“I’m walking without a walker, without a cane. I feel 100% better.”

I want to tell you where I was before I came to the therapy here at Sound Pain Solutions. I was hurting, I wasn’t walking, I had a walker but that was about it and then I went to a cane but still struggled along and felt miserable.  When we got here, I heard about Dr. Polzin but to tell you the truth I was very skeptical.  I’m not one that just takes people for granted and I wanted to hear what they could do and what they can say and I was impressed and even my husband was impressed and that’s saying something.

And I started.  It wasn’t difficult and it didn’t hurt and that was something wonderful for me.  I’ll tell you right now I’m walking without a walker, without a cane and I feel 100 percent better and at my age 88, going on another month 89 and I don’t feel that and I don’t think I look that. So there you are, it’s really hard to add to that, the change in a relatively short time, just a couple of months, its remarkable, I’m back driving, walking, driving the vacuum cleaner all around the house and I haven’t been able to do that in a long time, so I am really a fan of this therapy that’s dished out here at Sound Pain Solutions.

David Mann – Bellevue

“Jack was told nothing could be done…”

For the past couple of years I have had numbness in my feet and legs, plus tingling in my hands that was progressively getting worse. The worst symptom was when my entire feet were numb. It felt like my socks were bunched up under me. I saw a Neurologist who told me that my symptoms would only get worse and that nothing could be done beyond medication. The medication had too many side effects so I decided not to take it.

I saw an ad in the paper for Sound Pain Solutions. Within a couple of weeks I noticed 60-65% improvement in my numbness, now I’m over 80% better. My balance has also improved. I’ve been able to do squats on a bosu ball! Most importantly I’m able to help care for my handicapped wife. The staff at Sound Pain Solutions is very helpful and professional. The office is well run; I’ve had a great experience.

Jack E. – Mill Creek

“This place is amazing! It has absolutely changed my life!”

I had what I called “back attacks” twice a year that would send me to the hospital and they sent me home with pain killers. Finally I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis, herniated discs and stenosis. It was four months before I could go back to an eight hour work day. I’ve tried other treatments including physical therapy. I did all the exercises that were prescribed yet I still was in pain. I also tried other chiropractors. Every day my back was on fire, I learned to cope with the pain which made me cranky and depressed. Because of the constant pressure from stenosis by the end of the day I was completely beat down by the pain. I recently got in a car accident that exacerbated my pain.

I came to Sound Pain Solutions and I started to feel relief after my very first decompression treatment. I don’t think about my pain all the time now. My posture has improved. I can do laundry all day and not be wiped out. Before I would do one load and then I was down for the rest of the day. I’m looking forward to riding my bike again this spring. The doctors take the time to figure out where the issues are each day; they don’t just provide the same treatment for everyone. This place is amazing! It has absolutely changed my life! If I could convince just one person to come in and get relief it would be worth it!

Patty B. – Everett

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